Track and Monitor Security Fleet Vehicles and Personnel

At Btracking, we understand that security personnel can work late hours at a wide range of venues. That's why we provide security GPS fleet tracking services to help you track and monitor your security fleet in a safe and efficient manner. If you are looking for industry-leading GPS tracking solutions for security companies, Btracking is the brand you can trust!

What is Security GPS Fleet Tracking?

Btracking's security GPS fleet tracking services are designed to give you instant insight into where your security patrol vehicles are located at any given time. Aside from staying knowledgeable about your fleet’s activities, security GPS tracking also gives you the ability to improve the productivity of your employees. Today, GPS tracking software is becoming one of the most widely used technology systems for businesses that utilize mobile workforces. It is time that you hop on the bandwagon!

The Benefits of Security GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Enhances safety: GPS fleet tracking ensures the safety of your security patrol services. Our trackers can give you driver metrics such as total drive time, idle time, fast acceleration, hard stops, and speeding information. If one of your security personnel is involved in an accident, you can determine his or her location and dispatched emergency medical services pronto.
  • Ensures security officer accountability: With the presence of GPS monitoring, you can determine if a security officer is meeting post compliance. For instance, you will know if they arrive at the job site, or whether all posts are filled as scheduled.
  • Gives you proof of service: As a security service provider, you can use GPS trackers to verify that your security team has met contact compliance and ensures invoice accuracy for your clients. In other words, you have official proof that you have done your job in the best way possible.
  • Faster response rates to customer emergencies: GPS tracking for security businesses give you real-time fleet updates, and it is information you would want when it counts. You will be able to improve your fleet response times by dispatching the closest available security vehicle to the emergency site.
  • Ability to serve more customers: Perhaps you have accepted multiple security jobs and some of them are happening on the same day. GPS fleet tracking makes it easier to optimize your drivers' schedules and ensure a smooth working experience.