Track and Monitor Snow Plows

Small and large snow plow fleets that manage the snow removal for cities, towns, neighborhoods have a responsibility to ensure that streets are kept clear for drivers. Sometimes, snow plow employees have to re-plow streets every few hours, regardless the weather. Managing that kind of workload with a limited number of trucks is truly challenging. At Btracking, we offer stellar snow plow GPS fleet tracking solutions that you or your fleet managers systemize the routes to use your trucks as effectively as possible.

What is Snow Plow GPS Fleet Tracking?

When a winter storm hits, an important part of fleet management is to know where your snow plow vehicles are – snow plow GPS fleet tracking. With real-time location and speed updates, as well as log records of what has already been plowed, snow plow GPS fleet trackers make it easier for you to do your jobs. You will be able to manage the entire fleet from a clean interface. Snow plow GPS tracking systems are optimized to enable swift data entry while fleet managers handle the flurry of radio calls made from operators in the field.

The Benefits of Snow Plow GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Prevent untimely downtime: Keeping to maintenance schedules help reduce costly breakdowns. Trimming fuel expenses and decreasing wear and tear of parts also help extend the service lifespan of your equipment.
  • Optimize utilization of snow plow assets: Reports pertaining to hours worked and on-site hours over the course of any period of time can help you make better deployment decisions.
  • Keep labor costs in check: Cut down on overtime and get a handle on labor costs. Create verifiable and accurate equipment and employee activity reports for more precise billing and accounting.
  • Enhance safety during work hours: Allows you monitor how your equipment used to enhance safety. You can use PTO, beacon lights, and other inputs to manage and monitor the proper use of your vehicles.
  • Gain visibility while handling remote operations: Find out if your vehicles are left idle and expand your line of sight over remote operations. Get sharper contract bids and optimize equipment deployment.