Monitor, Schedule, Route and Track Social Services Workers and their Vehicles

Social services agencies are required to comply with occupation health and safety legislation. These companies have a duty to assess the risks faced by their social services workers, and to make sure that they are not exposed to any unacceptable risks. If you are looking to get GPS fleet tracking solutions for social services workers, look no further than Btracking.

What is Social Services Worker GPS Fleet Tracking?

As a social services worker, being faced with an unreasonable risk levels or receiving abuse as part of one's job is considered unacceptable and may even bring associated business costs that can become a significant financial burden for you or your company to handle. With that said, social services workers GPS fleet tracking is designed to ensure personal safety of staff, enhance productivity, warn employers or those in charge of "man down" situations, and more.

The Benefits of Social Services Worker GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Ensure that your social workers have safe vehicles to drive: Btracking's GPS fleet tracking systems can help you put safer vehicles on the road by supplying you with information about routine maintenance schedules, mechanical service history of vehicles, and more.
  • Staff fatigue management: You will be able to manage your social services field staff more efficiently by keeping track of their hours of service and other duty of care industry regulations.
  • Ensure proper driver behavior: By monitoring the driving behavior of your team members, you can ensure that they are behaving responsibly when operating company vehicles. You can choose to be notified via automated reports, email, or text messages in real time when a speeding event occurs. This also translates to protecting your business reputation.
  • Set no-drive zones: You can prevent your team members from running personal errands on company hours by setting no-drive zones (geo-fencing) for certain public spaces and residential areas.
  • Maximize the day: You aim to give prompt attention to individuals and families that contact you. GPS fleet tracking systems can help you efficiently coordinate your social workers to cover more appointments in a day.