Cars, Vans, Light Trucks

Track every vehicle in real time. Get notified when it enters or leaves any area with Easy GeofencesTM and Real Time Alerts. Use Hot Spots to see exactly where vehicles frequently stop and spend time. Get Vehicle Diagnostics with our OBDII trackers. Improve safety with Driver Scorecard and SpeedGauge. Plan, dispatch and track jobs with Workflow. Save fuel with idle alerts. Get instant crash notification .

Need even more control of your fleet? Btracking has many ways to help. Automatically ID Drivers with key fobs or your own RFID or HID cards (the same ones you use for building entry), and prevent unauthorized drivers from using the vehicle. Get text alerts when a vehicle moves outside authorized hours .

In short - Btracking helps improve efficiency and save money.

3 Months' Tracking Free

3 Months' GPS Tracking Subscription is INCLUDED with every Tracker purchase. No need to commit to a contract upfront.

Track Anything

Track and monitor cars, trucks, persons, phones, machines. Our GPS trackers and intuitive tracking platform make it easy.


You'll pay LESS with Btracking overall. We sell only top quality Trackers. No low-cost inferior Trackers followed by years of high recurring tracking fees.

Benefits of Btracking

A Powerful, Integrated, Cloud-Based GPS Tracking & Fleet Management Platform for PCs and Mobile Devices

  • PC Platform and Mobile Device Platform Intuitive Google Maps™ platform with map, satellite and street views
  • View Your Fleet in Real Time from anywhere in the world
  • Integrate & Monitor Phone Users Keep track of field staff phone users with the LBS Edge app to integrate with your vehicle tracking
  • Track & Monitor All Assets Trailers, containers, machines - all on one powerful platform
  • Unlimited Free Training & Support Btracking supports you every step of the way
  • See who's driving with Automatic Driver ID

Monitor Movement, Prevent Theft and Unauthorized Use with Geofences and Hot Spots

  • Fast, Easy Geofence Creation Click on the map, or click the current location of a vehicle or person to create a Geofence
  • Designate Regularly Visited Locations Use Geofences for regularly visited work sites, clients, buildings, or towns and cities
  • Get Alerts Moving In/Out of Geofences Geofences can be nested (i.e., around a town and job locations inside the town). Alerts can be received via the platform, via text message and/ or email
  • Find Frequently Visited Locations and Discover Unknown Stops Need a quick visual of the places your drivers visited today, yesterday, this past month? Concerned about side trips? See them right away with Hot Spots . Exact addresses and number of visits

CrashBoxx™ Accident Reporting and Reconstruction*

  • Instant Notification of accidents via CrashBoxx™ email and/or SMS
  • Comprehensive Crash Data For accident reconstruction
  • Detailed Impact Data Includes force of the crash, direction of impact and speed prior to impact
  • Automated Reporting Facilitates validation and investigation services, streamlines the claims process
  • * CrashBoxx™ is an optional feature and requires that the GPS tracker be securely mounted. Professional installation recommended.

GPS Trackers for Light Duty Vehicles


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