Btracking Makes GPS Mobile Device Tracking Fast, Easy and Affordable

With the Btracking PhoneTrack Mobile Device Tracking App

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App Runs in Background

The app runs in the background with nearly undetectable battery use

Front End or Back End App Management

Configurations such as Tracking Schedules, Reporting Frequency can changed within the app (front end), or an Administrator only (back end). See our Mobile Device Tracking Plans & Features.

Complete Outside Workforce Management

Complement Vehicle and Asset Tracking by tracking drivers and service techs for a complete view of the entire off-site workforce. Click Here to Order

Benefits of Mobile Device Tracking from Btracking

Fully Integrated with the Cloud-Based GPS Tracking & Fleet Management Platform

  • Integrated Mobile Device User Tracking Provides and unparalleled real-time view of your entire workforce
  • Real Time Tracking of Your Entire Fleet Staff, vehicles and assets Together on one powerful platform.
  • View the location and status of all personnel, vehicles and assets worldwide on the Btracking Mapping Platform or the Mobile Platform

Customizable Events & Notifications - Great for Timekeeping, Job Tracking

  • Create Custom Events & Send Notifications Create up to 5 Events that can be sent from the App to the Mapping Platform, such as Job Started, Job Completed - great for Job Completion & Timekeeping reports
  • These events appear on the Tracking Platform
  • Events can be texted or emailed to anyone
  • More Examples of Events/Notifications you can create include Call Me, Entering/Leaving Site, Arrived/Departed

Working Schedules, Turn Tracking On/Off, Location Report Frequency

  • Track Anytime or on Set Schedules Track mobile devices anytime, or create one or more Working Schedules for tracking only during certain times
  • A Working Schedule limits mobile device tracking to certain days/times, giving users privacy outside working hours
  • Multiple Working Schedules can be created
  • Track Me Allows Mobile Device User to Enable/Disable Tracking
  • Location Report Frequencies while moving & stopped are fully customizable
  • Ping Functionality Ping mobile devices to update location from the Btracking Mapping Platform

App Management - Administrator (Back End) Control or Mobile Device User (Front End) Control

  • Fully Configurable Front-End or Back-End App Management Turn tracking on/off, change location reporting frequency, accuracy, and more from within the app. Or set it all up on the admin side and restrict, fix or hide features that Mobile Device Users can modify
  • All App Settings can be fixed or limited by an Administrator - let Mobile Device Users access/change only those settings you choose to allow
  • Track Me, Working Schedules, Reporting Frequencies - an Administrator can fix or limit the configurations & settings available to Mobile Device Users
  • For example - you may choose to set a fixed working schedule (or schedules) that the mobile user cannot change
  • You may choose not to allow Mobile Device Users to turn tracking off

Monitor Movement with Geofences and Hot Spots

  • Fast, Easy Geofence Creation Click on the map, or click the current location of a vehicle or person to create a Geofence
  • Designate Regularly Visited Locations Use Geofences for regularly visited work sites, clients, buildings, or towns and cities
  • Get Alerts Moving In/Out of Geofences Geofences can be nested (i.e., around a town and job locations inside the town). Alerts can be received via the platform, via text message and/ or email
  • Find Frequently Visited Locations and Discover Unknown Stops Need a quick visual of the places your drivers visited today, yesterday, this past month? Concerned about side trips? See them right away with Hot Spots . Exact addresses and number of visits


Month-by-Month $9.95/month

  • How it works:
  • Buy a Mobile Device Tracking plan - either month by month, or a one year or two year contract.
  • Be sure to provide the phone number for the phone you want to track.
  • There is no charge for the app - you pay for the tracking plan only.
  • Download & install app from Google Play or Apple App Store:

    • For Btracking 2.0 users (new users), search for and install Btracking PhoneTrack app. This will be configured to track the phone number provided with purchase.
    • For Btracking 1.0 users (current customers and custom applications), search for and install LBS Edge Suite Mobile Device Tracking app. You will receive an email with the license and your login credentials.
  • You'll also receive a separate email with login and password credentials for the Btracking Mapping Platform and the Mobile Platform

App Functionality

  • Minimal Battery Drain App is optimized for very little battery use
  • Global Coverage LBS Edge Suite runs on any cell network globally
  • 2MB Monthly Data Required Mobile device needs a data plan with approximately 2MB of data per month available
  • Roaming Data roaming rates are determined by your wireless carrier
  • Location Reporting Frequency Options While Moving From once every 30 sec to once every 5 mins
  • Location Reporting Frequency Options While Stopped From once every 10 min to once every 24 hrs
  • Location Reporting Accuracy Options Normal Power (recommended), Medium Power, Low Power
  • Track Me Turns tracking on or off (can be disabled by Admin)
  • Locate Me Sends location to platform immediately
  • Send Events Configure up to 5 Events that can be sent to the Mapping Platform. For example, set up an "I'm Here" event to send an alert to the Mapping Platform. Configure an email or text message alert for interested parties when the Event is received.
  • Panic Button Send up to 10 Panic messages at intervals from 30 secs to 1 hr
  • Admin or User Setting Management All app settings can be fixed (blocked from the Mobile Device User's perspective), or restricted by the Administrator
  • Ping Functionality Ping mobile devices from the Btracking Mapping Platform to update location immediately