Telecom GPS Fleet Tracking

Do you manage a fleet of telecom vehicles and equipment? Are you confident that your fleet is adequately prepared to ensure a functional core infrastructure? At Btracking, we provide top-notch telecom GPS fleet tracking solutions to provide you with complete control and vital insight to your telecom operations.

What is Telecom GPS Fleet Tracking?

Telecom GPS fleet tracking is the process of tracking where service technicians and related assets are located via real-time GPS technology. These systems can be used by telecom dispatchers that need to direct or assign the nearest available telecom technicians to a job site via the best route. In addition, telecom GPS fleet tracking software can be used to boost customer service capabilities.

You should know that telecom GPS trackers are not limited to only location-based services. You will also be able to track an array of vehicle conditions, including temperature conditions, started engines, open doors, and more. With our GPS solutions, you can also record where and when a piece of equipment is being used. This allows your fleet managers to track whether your vehicles are in good running condition, which in turn helps reduce operating costs.

The Benefits of Telecom GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Ensure you have a well-maintained fleet of vehicles: Our telecom GPS fleet trackers help extend the average service life of fleet vehicles and improve their overall performance and fuel efficiency. It is the easy way to ensure duty-readiness of your assets!
  • Enable seamless dispatching: Enables seamless dispatching of service vehicles and technicians to make repairs and maintain equipment.
  • Give you a bird's eye view over your operations: When you have real-time visibility into telecom equipment, asset, and vehicle utilization, you will be able to effectively deploy your fleet of specialty vehicles.
  • Eliminate theft and unauthorized use of vehicle and equipment: You will be able to keep tabs on highly valuable assets via real-time GPS fleet tracking. Checking on your vehicles after office hours or locating them in a worst case scenario is now easier.