Tow Truck Fleet Management

Have you recently noticed that your fuel receipts have been unusually high, while the number of invoices decreases? Do you let your employees take the trucks home, but are suspicious that some drivers may be pulling side jobs? At Btracking, we offer industry-leading tow truck GPS tracking solutions. You will be able to harness our dynamic GPS fleet tracking systems, take control over your tow truck fleet, and avoid becoming a victim to the above scenarios!

What is Tow Truck GPS Tracking?

Tow truck GPS fleet tracking is a type of business solution that gives you real-time insight on where your vehicles are. If an anxious driver gets stranded and reaches out to your company for help, you will be able to quickly dispatch another vehicle that's closest to the customer, and at the same time send help to the driver in need. If you want to grow your business through positive word-of-mouth and improve customer satisfaction, GPS fleet tracking is the answer.

Today's GPS fleet tracking systems do much more than just help you with routing and tracking matters. They allow you to handle more tasks like tracking driver behavior and keeping maintenance schedules.

The Benefits of Tow Truck GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Ability to track asset in worst case scenarios: In the event that one of your tow trucks get stolen or went missing, you can use GPS trackers to find out the last known location to assist in the recovery of your valuable asset.
  • Smarter route plans: GPS fleet tracking can save valuable time for your customers by supplying you with the latest updates on traffic conditions. You will be able to adjust to a more efficient route.
  • Effective dispatching: The exact locations of your fleet of vehicles are given to you in real-time. This information allows you to communicate the expected arrival time to customers and coordinate the movement of vehicles with exceptional ease.
  • Ensure appropriate use of all vehicles: Side trips and unauthorized use of vehicles are some of the reasons that increase fuel expenses. GPS tracking can help you put a stop to these problems.
  • Check driving behavior: Are your drivers driving in an unsafe manner? Are the vehicles idling for too long? Are your drivers speeding? Use tow truck GPS fleet trackers to get the answers you need.