Track Freight Shipments, Cabs, Trailers, Monitor Load Conditions

If you are looking to get GPS fleet tracking systems for your truck freight transportation business, look no further than Btracking. Our GPS trackers are designed to make tracking your vehicles a simpler and easier job. Let's find out more about our truck freight transportation GPS fleet tracking solutions!

What is Truck Freight Transportation GPS Fleet Tracking?

When it comes to freight trucking, it can be broken down into various parts including full truckload shipments (FTL), rail freight transportation, oversized and refrigerated cargo, and less than truckload shipping (LTL). As most trucks need to transport large shipments, they are often equipped with specialized equipment such as refrigeration systems, heavy haul trucking parts, removable goose-neck flatbeds, air rides, and more. With that said, the last thing you would want to experience is allowing your trucks and other business related equipment to be misused. That's where truck freight transportation GPS fleet tracking comes in. With GPS trackers, you can receive real-time updates of your freight trucks' whereabouts and more!

The Benefits of Truck Freight Transportation GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Maximize truck utilization: With Btracking's GPS tools, you will be able to maximize your transportation vehicles. You or your fleet managers will be able to utilize the data and analysis obtained from your GPS tracking software to decrease fuel consumption, reduce over-speeding issues, and eliminate unnecessary vehicle idle time.
  • Manage your freight transportation team effectively: Our truck freight transportation GPS fleet management systems will help you manage your drivers effectively. The data provided by the GPS tracking system will allow you to take corrective actions whenever necessary.
  • Plan your routes with exceptional ease: Never underestimate the usefulness of GPS tracking data. It has helped truck freight transportation companies identify routes that save both money and time. Smart route planning also eliminates unproductive work and unnecessary fuel expenses.
  • Increase the number of trips or jobs you can take each day: With proper planning in place, it will be easier for you and your fleet managers to assign tasks whenever there is an idle vehicle. This means that you can increase the number of trips per day, which translates to more profits.