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Transport GPS Fleet Tracking

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At Btracking, we understand that transportation is the backbone of many businesses in the United States. Whether short haul or long haul, the logistics and supply chain necessary to run a large fleet are often mind-blowing. That's why we provide transport GPS fleet tracking solutions for small and large organizations to tackle transportation challenges pertaining to long operational hours, fuel usage, interconnected logistics, and more.

What is Transport GPS Fleet Tracking?

As you might already know, running a transportation company is not a child's play. You are responsible for managing and coordinating a large fleet of vehicles. If you do not have a accurate location of each and every vehicle in the fleet, you will most likely rely on guesswork, which may then lead to difficulties in meeting deadlines and keeping clients' promises.

Transport GPS fleet tracking solutions are designed to update you about your drivers' and employees' whereabouts and give you peace of mind knowing that they are safe and secure under your watch. This form of GPS fleet tracking solution also ensures your vehicles stick to specific geographic regions and routes. You will be able to make sure that your vehicles are not misused. All in all, this is what you need to streamline your daily operations.

The Benefits of Transport GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Allow you to maximize vehicle utilization: Your entire team will be able to get the most out of your transportation vehicles. Your fleet managers will be able to use the analyses obtained from the GPS tracking system to decrease fuel consumption, chances of speeding, and vehicle idle time.
  • Increase uptime: More uptime means more profitability and productivity for your transportation company. A stable GPS tracking system allows you to schedule trips more efficiently and make informed decisions over the long term. Say goodbye to downtime of your vehicles!
  • Keep operating costs in check: Transport GPS fleet tracking systems allow you to choose the shortest and best routes for your vehicles. This helps you to reduce unnecessary overtime costs and fuel consumption.
  • Effective management of field staff and drivers: GPS fleet management systems provide you with the data and analysis you need to take corrective actions when managing your drivers and vehicles.
  • Stellar route planning: With the availability of actionable tracking data, it will be easier for you to identify routes that help business owners save money and time. Proper route planning is the key to eliminating unnecessary fuel expenses and reducing unproductive work.

Why Choose Btracking for Transport GPS Fleet Tracking?

Btracking was founded in 2009 and is recognized as a leading transport GPS fleet tracking solutions provider. If you are looking to get GPS trackers to manage your fleet, you may be pleased to know that our systems are designed for fleets of any size. What's more, we have built extensive GPS coverage around the globe – we cover more than 90% of the Earth's surface. To ensure ease of use and installation, our tracking systems do not entail complex installation procedures. Simply plug our device into your vehicle's On Board Diagnostics port and you are good to go!

If you are seeking customized solutions for transport GPS fleet tracking, we are able to tailor our systems to your specific needs. We can make the necessary amendments to remove certain functions that you do not need.

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