Pinpoint Frequented Locations with Hot Spots

Do you know the locations and places your drivers frequently visit? How often they go there, and how long they stay? With Btracking Hot Spots, it's easy!

Choose a start date, timeframe (one day to one month), radius (250 feet up to one mile), and a minimum stop duration (15 minutes to 24 hours). All stop locations are tagged on the map just like a heat map - Blue for 1-4 stops, yellow for 5-9 stops, and red for 10 or more stops!!

  • Find Frequently Visited Locations - Need a quick visual of the places your drivers visited today, yesterday, this past month? See them right away with Hot Spots. Exact addresses and number of visits.
  • Discover Unknown Stops - Concerned about side trips? Hot Spots lets you see these locations instantly, for stops as short as 15 minutes.
  • A Fast Way to Create Geofences - Want to put geofences around job sites instantly without drawing on the map or entering addresses? Find the Hot Spots and in one click turn it into a geofence. That's it!

Hot Spots

  • Heat Map Places visited by your drivers appear as markers on a heat map, blue, yellow and red.
  • Addresses Identified Exact addresses and number of visits is displayed
  • Create a Geofence Make a Geofence from a Hot Spot with one click
  • Save and Print Save or print the list of Hot Spots visited by each vehicle or driver

Zoom in

  • Zoom Feature Zoom right in to view the hot spot
  • Views Map view and satellite view