Btracking Mapping Platform

Your offsite resources are tracked on the cloud-based Btracking Mapping Platform powered by Google MapsTM, accessible via your PC or any mobile device. You set user permissions - for example, you can allow supervisors to see only the vehicles in their group, or perhaps you want to let your customers track the vehicles that deliver to them.

Btracking has a library of training materials and videos in our Customer Help Center and offers Unlimited Free Tech Support plus customized training.

Btracking Dashboard

  • The Dashboard is your summary of status, performance, alerts and messages
  • Group Vehicles, Assets, and/or Individuals. Assign drivers automatically with a key fob, RFID or HID card
  • Set permissions so users see only the vehicles and assets you allow

Map View

  • Google MapsTM with map, satellite and street views
  • Label displays speed, direction, fuel level, driver, recent alerts, and more
  • Any view can be saved, printed, or exported as a KML
  • Adjustable refresh rate, zoom in/out, lock map

Google Traffic

  • Overlay Google Traffic on map and satellite view


  • View coordinates, address, driver, trip details, recent alerts, assigned geofences, speed, fuel level, altitude, temperature, ignition on/off, stop duration, assigned geofences, and more
  • Quickly view recent tracking history
  • With Live Tracker, view recent route history and allow others to track without logging in to Btracking

Street View

  • See street view in a popup window