Btracking Mobile Mapping Platform

For smaller handheld mobile devices, Btracking offers the Btracking Mobile Mapping Platform powered by Google Maps™. This convenient mobile mapping platform is a slimmer version of the PC platform, allowing you quick access to view all your vehicles and mobile resources on a mobile phone. Exact location, vehicle status and diagnostics, the geofence each resource is inside and more are displayed. The Btracking Mobile Mapping Platform is available at, or click here.

Mobile Dashboard

  • See Entire Fleet Vehicles, Assets, Mobile Phones
  • Locations Quickly Pinpoint address, speed, geofence name, ignition status

Vehicle Details

  • View Details Location coordinates, trip details, fuel level, battery, and more

Mobile Mapping Platform

  • Views Map and Satellite views
  • Zoom Zoom in/out, lock map

Street View

  • Street View