Replay Route History

Replay 3 month's of route history for any item tracked. Up to 1 year of route history is available (additional charges may apply for replay history requests beyond 6 months).

Route Replay

  • Display routes (as reported each minute, known as "breadcrumbs") taken for any number of items
  • Replay a route step-by-step with adjustable replay speed, fast forward and rewind
  • View and replay up to 90 days' history anytime
  • Up to one year of history available on request

Geofence Overlay for Job Site Visit Verification

  • Visual verification of places visited, such as job sites, is simple
  • With one click, overlay geofences on routes taken
  • Verifies job sites visited, or not visited, and length of stay
  • You can also set alerts to be notified via email, SMS, and/or on the platform, of job sites visited and length of stay

Breadcrumb Detail

  • Click on any location point (breadcrumb) to view full details reported by the tracker at that moment
  • Location, address, speed, alerts, vehicle diagnostics, and more