Track and Monitor Waste Management Fleets

At Btracking, we provide industry-leading GPS tracking solutions for waste management firms. GPS fleet tracking is the cornerstone of successful fleet management for waste management businesses. If you are looking to find out how GPS tracking can help improve your waste management company's bottom line and enhance fleet management practices, look no further than Btracking!

What is Waste Management GPS Fleet Tracking?

One of the uses of waste management GPS fleet tracking is that it provides waste fleet managers with the information they need to provide timely service to their clients while improving fuel efficiency and reduce idle time for their garbage trucks. GPS/fleet tracking for waste management is also a means to ensure safe driving practices by providing information pertaining to driver behavior and speed.

Next, let's take a look at GPS tracking from the perspective of recycling companies. These companies are providing a valuable service by reducing the amount of trash that goes into our landfills. However, recycling is usually considered as a low margin business. All the costs associated with collecting the waste, sorting them, and processing them can quickly add up. This is where waste management GPS fleet tracking comes in. Real-time tracking helps your business to run more efficiently and smoothly, especially if you operate a fleet of recycling vehicles.

The Benefits of Waste Management GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Efficient routing of fleet: Our GPS tracking systems dynamically route your waste trucks away from potential road construction sites and heavy traffic. This helps eliminate wasted fuel and time.
  • Real-time tracking of drivers: Btracking's GPS trackers inform you about your drivers' whereabouts while they are on duty.
  • Always know the status of your vehicles: Are one of your trucks stuck in traffic? Has one of your vehicles broken down? With our GPS tracking solutions, you always know what is going on and that's why you can dispatch a new garbage truck with greater ease.
  • Recover quickly from vehicle theft: There is a higher chance to recover a stolen vehicle with GPS tracking.
  • Ensures customer satisfaction: Two other things that can be achieved with GPS tracking includes keeping customers satisfied with prompt service and handling their complaints with real-time and historical information about the location of your vehicles.
  • Stellar coordination of vehicles: You will be able to check which of your specialty vehicles is closest to a large-item pickup location.